Feet forward

I’m lost, I’m broke; I’m level   I know that runners sit alongside vegans and guitar solo enthusiasts as the most tedious dinner party guests – always reeling off regimes, equipment, speeds and figures that mean nothing to anyone – but what can I say? I’m one of them. I don’t know where my professional […]

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Don’t ‘end demand’ for prostitution. Make it safer instead

Women in prostitution don’t have it easy. The majority have been raped and / or sexually assaulted, probably entered into the trade as a minor, and are likely to have a serious substance abuse problem. There’s little guarantee that they’re selling sex voluntarily, and a substantial chance that they suffer from harassment and emotional blackmail […]

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I don’t want to know everything about my favourite artists

After discovering an author, or an artist, or a musician that I’m crazy about – I’m talking find-any-opportunity-to-mention-their-book/song/show-crazy – I often like to buzz around my social networks and see which of my peers feel similarly. You know, for solidarity. A simple search on Twitter can tell me who else follows them. An acquaintance studying […]

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A Perfect Future

Metaphor or pretty picture? More on this later. Like, soon. Don’t worry As I approach the end of my – dare I say it – second post-graduation holiday, it’s becoming clear that the patience of everyone around me is wearing thin. Like a balding thirty-something in a club, it’s probably time to stop kidding myself. […]

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