The Case For More Wars Against Terror

In a speech at the UN on Tuesday, French President Francois Hollande suggested convening an international conference to dole out ‘funding and expertise for training and equipping professional armies for vulnerable African states’, so that they may respond to the growing terrorist threat in Africa – demonstrated by the recent attack on a shopping centre […]

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5 Amazing Ideas For The Future From The Best Company You’ve Never Heard Of

The Shimizu Corporation is a 200 year old Japanese construction company based in Tokyo. Its mission includes all of the bland platitudes that you could find on the website of any company with a social conscience – finding innovative solutions to pressing environmental and commercial problems, and so on – but where it gets interesting […]

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Arctic Monkeys – AM review

I’ve followed Arctic Monkeys doggedly since I first heard ‘Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts’, and – despite losing a bit of interest between Humbug and Suck it and See, their third and fourth albums – I couldn’t wait to bite into their latest offering: September 9th’s ‘AM’. The title takes its cue from The Velvet […]

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