Monocle, Week 1: Getting to grips with ‘unsociable working hours’

I’m a hard cookie. An oatmeal digestive, perhaps. Maybe even a slightly stale bourbon biscuit. But my gooey centre was revealed with the revelation that my working shift for this week was slightly outside of my usual sleeping pattern. Since Tuesday, I’ve been starting work at 04:30, having ‘lunch’ from 09:00 – 10:00, and finishing […]

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Anticipating Monocle

As of Monday, 10 Feb, I will be employed in a professional capacity! Well, by ‘employed’, I mean as an intern, and by ‘professional’ I mean ‘will receive a small daily stipend to buy a coffee and my train into work every day’. But whatever – it’s definitely a start. And not just any start. […]

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