Monocle, Week 6: Doing the Deed

There are interesting elements to this internship – the aforementioned opportunities to conduct interviews, learn new production skills, and work in a thriving and youthful atmosphere – and some, admittedly, less interesting bits too. Monocle’s reputation would suffer if the studios were rammed full of dirty mugs, or if when a guest on-air reached to […]

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Monocle, Week 5: Memorize Dat!

I dunno, maybe people will think the title is a quote or something This week, I ‘ave been mostly listening to…Wilfred Giroux. His ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ was the soundtrack to my time in Brussels, and the recently released ‘Stronger’ may be making a late claim for the musical backing to my sleep-deprived […]

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Monocle, Week 4: Halfway Point

It’s been a fun four weeks. At the halfway point through anything, though, you stop looking solely at your current work and start thinking about your career as a whole. It happened after a few days during my five-day stint at The York Press; it happened two weeks into my month’s stay at Political Intelligence […]

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