People look at me when I’ve got my phone out, and they’re like, how’ve you got one of those? And I say ‘I’m homeless, not dead’. George had the look of a deer that had braved the headlights, escaped to safety, and turned to a companion, eye-bulge on the wain, appreciative of how close to […]

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“Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean that you’re stupid, or deserve it.” Coming back from the train station yesterday we ran into a guy who, well, looked unhinged. He was skittish, asking for money for a taxi and refusing my apologetic replacement offer of food, and seemed to be dancing on the brink of doing […]

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Ventas station is empty

It occurred to me, maybe 2 weeks into my month-long intensive language course, that I didn’t really care about perfecting my Spanish. I sat in the classroom next-door to the upmarket dressmakers and let my eyes wander out of the window, choosing to pay scant attention to the discussion around me about the differences between […]

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Feet forward

I’m lost, I’m broke; I’m level   I know that runners sit alongside vegans and guitar solo enthusiasts as the most tedious dinner party guests – always reeling off regimes, equipment, speeds and figures that mean nothing to anyone – but what can I say? I’m one of them. I don’t know where my professional […]

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Observer, day 1: In Awe

First thing’s first – everyone said (well, online reviews said) that a Chromebook was absolutely useless offline. And yet here I am! Sat on the 18:44 from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn, typing away on an offline google docs document! Take that world. Put that in your technological pipe and vape it. Another day, another […]

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