Running BXL

I have this theory that you never really know a city until you run around it hungover. Until you wake up at the crack of dawn, cursing your decision to leave the bar / club midway through and go to a cashpoint – it’s safe to say that only very rarely does such a decision […]

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Choose to xl

As I sat there on the wall – 10 feet from the revolving doors that the confident, slightly fatigued Europeans were powering through – I just knew that I’d have to be a part of that atmosphere. My coffee was shitty but my outlook was bright. I felt kind of clear for the first time […]

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I feel rough, I’m only 63% sure that I have clean underwear for tomorrow, and my pasta sauce smells like it’s ready. Feels good to be back. I recently re-read Murakami’s ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’, and in it he quoted some other writer who said that if you want to […]

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