Observer: A Retrospective

It was short. It was sweet. And it was great for my career. Can an unpaid internship ever be better? In the two weeks since I posted my wide-eyed wonder in the lobby of a building that I’d pretty much always aspired to enter – yet one which I’d flown by countless times and rarely paid attention to (it […]

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Observer, day 1: In Awe

First thing’s first – everyone said (well, online reviews said) that a Chromebook was absolutely useless offline. And yet here I am! Sat on the 18:44 from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn, typing away on an offline google docs document! Take that world. Put that in your technological pipe and vape it. Another day, another […]

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Monocle, Week 6: Doing the Deed

There are interesting elements to this internship – the aforementioned opportunities to conduct interviews, learn new production skills, and work in a thriving and youthful atmosphere – and some, admittedly, less interesting bits too. Monocle’s reputation would suffer if the studios were rammed full of dirty mugs, or if when a guest on-air reached to […]

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Monocle, Week 5: Memorize Dat!

I dunno, maybe people will think the title is a quote or something This week, I ‘ave been mostly listening to…Wilfred Giroux. His ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ was the soundtrack to my time in Brussels, and the recently released ‘Stronger’ may be making a late claim for the musical backing to my sleep-deprived […]

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Monocle, Week 4: Halfway Point

It’s been a fun four weeks. At the halfway point through anything, though, you stop looking solely at your current work and start thinking about your career as a whole. It happened after a few days during my five-day stint at The York Press; it happened two weeks into my month’s stay at Political Intelligence […]

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Monocle, Week 1: Getting to grips with ‘unsociable working hours’

I’m a hard cookie. An oatmeal digestive, perhaps. Maybe even a slightly stale bourbon biscuit. But my gooey centre was revealed with the revelation that my working shift for this week was slightly outside of my usual sleeping pattern. Since Tuesday, I’ve been starting work at 04:30, having ‘lunch’ from 09:00 – 10:00, and finishing […]

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