Day 25

That’s me receiving a certificate. CONCISE

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Day 24

I dunno what???s caused it, but I???ve developed this weird kick out of taking pictures of people in mid conversation on the sly like some kind of maverick paparazzo. I went to the health minister???s headquarters in Djougou today, and sat in while one …

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Day 23

???524 johnnies please??? The woman behind the counter stared at me. ???Sorry…was that five hundred and twenty four???? I nodded my head up slightly. Eyebrows cocked. ???Yep??? She thought for a second. Her reply was all business. ???Which brand???s your favour…

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Day 22

You know that feeling when you???re sat in a meeting/ classroom, or even in the middle of listening to someone deliver a monologue, and try as you might you just can???t get interested in the topic? Totes had that today. After a while your consciously…

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Day 21

Things I miss (in order, excluding human beans): Toilet paper Hot showers Consistent electricity CNN/BBC Fruit Uncooked vegetables Sandwiches Toilet seats Duvets Hummus Different species of fish. ???Hey Moussa, what fish is this???? ???Poisson??? ??????I see???…

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Day 20

Seen as Benedicte – the 30-year-old French volunteer that???s leading the training during the week ??? is only here for 2 weeks, SNA has organised something exciting for her to do every day. I joined her today in the trip to Kemerida to watch a local …

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Day 18

In the staff training today we went through a question and answer procedure that should be undertaken before you launch a project. What is the project? Who is it for? Where will it take place? Why should it be commissioned? How much is it going to…

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