“Christy, these T-shirts…they can’t stay. That ok love?” “Why?” “Well. It’s just… They’re dirty.” I looked at the offending plain white t shirts. Well, previously plain. They were caked in the dust of developing countries and the sweat of char…

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Was it all worth it?

I was flicking absent mindedly through Facebook last weekend when I saw that Peg, my aunt, had replied to my comment about how I???d been getting on here. She wished me well and congratulated me for having made ???real change???. In the middle of …

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Day 40

Fuck illnesses man. No fun. I???ve just come out of the worst case of the shits I???ve ever had ??? as in, 2 days clean, started feeling pretty good ??? when out of nowhere I can???t stop being sick. As I???m writing this I???m staring through the crack in the …

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