Thom Yorke’s surprise solo album is nothing new – but it’s still worth your time

Here’s the thing: I’m a card-carrying Radiohead fan. I was actually, until shockingly recently, a band-carrying fan, when in a controlled bout of ‘maturity’ I decided to slice off the plastic entrance band to a Radiohead gig in Manchester that had been one of a number of mementos protecting my wrist against skin cancer since […]

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Half Marathon

It’s taken me two days to be able to stand up without grimacing. Whether it’s the fault of the futon that I sleep on, or simply the payback for my exceedingly heavy footfall, my back is also in constant pain. Both the space under the left and right shoulder blades ache with every movement made […]

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FA Cup Final

17.05.14 ‘She WORE, she WORE, she WORE a yellow ribbon She WORE a yellow ribbon in the merry month of may And WHEN I ASKED Oh WHY she wore that ribbon She said its for the ARSENAL and we’re going to WEMBLEY WEMBLEY, WEMBLEY WE’RE THE FAMOUS ARSENAL AND WE’RE GOING TO WEMBLEY’ The day […]

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Observer: A Retrospective

It was short. It was sweet. And it was great for my career. Can an unpaid internship ever be better? In the two weeks since I posted my wide-eyed wonder in the lobby of a building that I’d pretty much always aspired to enter – yet one which I’d flown by countless times and rarely paid attention to (it […]

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Observer, day 1: In Awe

First thing’s first – everyone said (well, online reviews said) that a Chromebook was absolutely useless offline. And yet here I am! Sat on the 18:44 from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn, typing away on an offline google docs document! Take that world. Put that in your technological pipe and vape it. Another day, another […]

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