Day 40


Fuck illnesses man. No fun. I’ve just come out of the worst case of the shits I’ve ever had – as in, 2 days clean, started feeling pretty good – when out of nowhere I can’t stop being sick. As I’m writing this I’m staring through the crack in the door at the shower at the sick site, wondering how long I’ll be able to hold on before I have to get up again. I keep reminding myself that its better than a persistent need to poo though because:

a)     I can be sick in my shower. Disgusting? Yes. Plausible in a way that shitting in your shower isn’t? Yes.

b)    You can actually do other stuff while you feel sick. I’ve got the same disorientating light headedness, but I’m managing to type this right? During that festival I didn’t dare even move. After I’d been to the hospital I couldn’t read anything cos my vision was so blurred. Not the case this evening! (Jinx)

c)     Feeling sick doesn’t really hurt. Stomach aches feel baaaad. This just feels like there’s something in my throat, and if I burp it goes away for a bit.


So, holding out for some meds and a quick sleep. One of the kids here is incredibly ill and keeps (yep, you guessed it) being sick, so no prizes for guessing where the malady came from. My poor, poor temple! Sacrilege! Desecrated by the forces of woe!


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