Day 37


Today was a nation wide party for Benin! 52 years of independence. 52 years of freedom, everyone cries! (Erm, yeah, if you forget that 17 year blip of military dictatorship under kerekou). Work at the NGO was called off for the day to allow us to take part in the festivities. It’s hard to express just how positive everyone felt, but I’ll try:


Everyone was real positive.


So I’m in the middle of a parade, when suddenly:

Bam. 14 hour illness.

Baaaaaam. Trip to the hospital.

BaBaBaaaaaaaam. 2 injections (why do you even need to inject antibiotics?)

BaFUCINGBOOOooooom Had to redo the 2nd injection 4 times as my veins “proved elusive sir” (The nurse didn’t say that)


Party, and party, and party


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